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I will maybe do commissions when school ends, but i never did commissions and i don't know what kind of prices to sell drawing at, neither do i know how commissions works.
Could someone explain to me how to do commissions on DA ?
Do you think an ELECTRIC/PSY type pokemon would be powerful ?
I am actually working on my own version of what could be Mega Luxray, and i was thinking about making them ELECTRIC/PSY because they can see through walls and are literally the X ray Pokemon. I don't know if it is a good idea (mostly because Luxray does not learn any PSY moves as far as i know) but this is what seems the most logical to me due to this pokemon's description.

Please help me.
Hello, i just wanted to say that this year, school ends in about three weeks for me. This means that i will soon be able to draw more often, for bigger periods of time. So i will probably be able to post drawings more often in a quality that, i hope, will be at least as good as the pieces of works i made for easter.
I will also start a let's play of Saints Row 4 with my cousin Gordon (In fact i just wanted to play with him but he insisted to make videos while we do this, so well). This piece of rust will film and do the montage, and i will draw the thumbnails and eventually drawing that will be added in the montage if needed. (for example, Gordon once said with sarcasm that Zinyak is sexy as hell, and i answered with humor that the only man more sexy than him is Dedan from OFF. If this comes back in our let's play, i will probably draw Dedan so we don't have to put the art of anyone else in the video, which could eventually offend it's author) So these drawings will be here too as well :D
:iconshima0021: has tagged me!!

1.You must post these rules.
2.If you, or anyone else, got tagged, you, or him/her has to share 10 facts 'bout themselves
3. Answer 10 Qs from the guy/gal that tagged you and make 10 Qs for the 10 you tagged
4.Choose 5 and put their icon in the journal.
5.You've to legitimately tag 10 guys/gals (or maybe 5 guys, 5 gals XD)
7.You can't say you don't tag 
8.You MUST do a journal entry (if u got tagged, of course XD)

Some facts about me:

1. I consider every animals like children and i can't even think about eating them (And the fact that a lot of food brands doesn't respect that almost made me kill myself)
2. I am an Ace of Spades (Aromantic Asexual) and i freak out every time i have to work with a text talking about sexual stuff in french class because i don't really understand most of the damn thing XD
3. I love to draw and i would like to work with this passion when i will be done with my studies.
4. I am terrified every time i go outside, because i don't like being with other people and i don't trust anyone out of my home, sweet home....
5. I am entomophobe, i am scared of insects (But i never kill them, except the big ass hornets who kills the bees D': ). Like i am okay with all the spiders that lives in my room in winter, but every time i see an ant during spring or summer i become paranoiac, i shiver and i start to feel like they are everywhere (Even on my body)... And summer is coming :'(
6. I love cake.
7. I love cats.
8. I really like to cosplay even if i can't do it that much. So far i have been cosplaying Alice, from American Mcgees Alice and Alice Madness Returns, and Zacharie from OFF.
9. I would like to dress in lolita fashion.
10. I love making my few friends happy.

Now, my answer for the questions from the one who tag me:

1. What you gonna do if you have powers or machine to do time travel?
Make sure that no one finds it, i don't want time to get fucked up.

2. What you gonna do when you got change to make something/someone become real
I would make peace a real thing... And also make myself more cats...

3. Am I looks more to be a girl or a boy?
What is nice is that you can be whatever you want ! you look really cute as both girl and boy.

4. What Cosplay you want me to do in another year?
I think you would be stunning as Chell from Portal 2 or Issun from Okami.

5. How about do travel with me to everywhere you want :P (Lick)
I would love to ! :D
6. Which one will you choose: RED or BLUE?
RED... : Psychopath voice: Because red is the color of blood HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !... And also strawberries :3 ....

7. What is your favorite TF2 thing?
The hats.... THE HATS.

8. Who is your favorite male DeviantArt OC?
:iconthelisa120: 's Sam and Spycho.... They are twins so they can count as one... Right ? :3

9. Type "the grand legend ramayana" without looking at the keyboard and the monitor
the gzanx legevs ralataba XD

10. What would you like to choose?going inside your OC's world or bring your OC to our world?
Going to my Arteva's world...

My questions:
1. What is your favorite video game ?
2. If you could choose between being the guardian of the world, or being it's ruler, what would you choose ?
3. :knock at your door: Excuse me, do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior Bob the Nudist Bobcat ?
4. Who is your favorite DA OC ?
5. What is your material dream ? (What would you love to obtain, it can be a game, food, clothes, material, ect...)
6. What is your spiritual dream ? (What would you love to become or make the people become, this kind of stuff)
7. Suddenly, BABY BUNNIES !
8. What animal would represent you the best ? (can be a mythological animal)
9. What is your worst nightmare ?
10. I have cake, do you want some ?

I Tag










Tiny  wip just because i found a nice way to draw hair that i wanted to show you.
I will maybe do commissions when school ends, but i never did commissions and i don't know what kind of prices to sell drawing at, neither do i know how commissions works.
Could someone explain to me how to do commissions on DA ?


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